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PEJAC’s Gold Mine

Pejac . GOLD MINE Cantabria, SPAIN Determined to continue the conveying of his particular views and art in the most peculiar places, from Al-Azraq refugee camp in the deserts of north Jordan to abandoned factories in Croatia, Pejac recently completed a series of interventions within the oldest prison in Spain, the Penitentiary Center of El Dueso. […]

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Banksy auction . Collaboration with Digard

BANSKY AUCTION Suben Art Management in collaboration with Digard Auction House Heavy Weaponry (over Radar Rat)200275 x 65 cmSpray paint on cardboardSigned with artist tag and barcode stencil (lower right)Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from London Provenance.Gifted by the artist to the original owner. This early work, unique in its format, shows a missile […]

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Premier Art Solutions & Suben

premier art solutions showroom Premier Art Solutions has built within the showroom a self-contained gallery where are displayed various artworks and sculptures accompanied by beautiful supercars. The idea of the founder Bradley Keats was “To bring together a union of some of the most beautiful contemporary & urban artworks and luxury cars in the world.” Clean, elegant […]

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Nuevo Mundo: Latin American Street Art

NUEVO MUNDO . LATIN AMERICAN STREET ART​ by Maximiliano Ruiz Ruiz travelled to many Latin American countries to document the artistic output of new generation in polished metropolises as well as smaller rural towns in Latin America. An exhaustive collection of beautifully photographed works of art, a context for each artist is given in smartly […]

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Walls & Frames: Fine Art From The Streets

WALLS & FRAMES . FINE ART FROM THE STREETS​ by Maximiliano Ruiz Walls & Frames is a cutting-edge collection of recent work by 101 known and emerging artists from around the world bound to the streets in different aspects. These ambitious talents are keeping their connection to the street alive while establishing themselves in the art […]

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PEJAC’s Land Adrift

Pejac . LAND ADRIFT Cantabria, SPAIN Almost one year to date since the unprecedented “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice,” a letter issued and signed by 15,000 scientists from around the world in November 2017, Pejac has decided to present his latest thought-provoking intervention Land Adrift. Once again reaching towards the list of his recurring motifs […]

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PEJAC in Al-Hussen, Jordan

Pejac in AL-HUSSEIN, JORDAN – PALESTINIAN REFUGEE CAMP Al-Hussein, JORDAN ”With these four small interventions I am trying to tell a minimalistic story about the Palestinian refugees in Al-Hussein. By removing small areas of the “skin” of the houses I want to transform the paint chipping, produced by the passage of time, into evocative landscapes […]

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PEJAC’s Heavy Sea

heavy sea by pejac The desolate images of environmental havoc above are real—no CGI, no Photoshop, no illusions. It’s a simple mixture of art direction and the scourge of human waste. This project was actually born some years ago when Pejac painted ‘Heavy Sea’ a watercolor featuring a lifesaver in a sea of disused tires. Later, […]

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